Eat Your Placenta

New moms need and deserve plenty of support – having a baby is a big change!  My role as a Certified Vancouver Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is to prepare placenta capsules for you once you’ve decided that’s what you want to do.

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Fast, Safe, Placenta Encapsulation

Hi! I’m Nikky, a certified placenta encapsulation specialist, health food nut and mom to two amazing little girls.

Thank you for knowing how to do this incredible thing, what a gift you have, and what knowledge.

“You were the piece of my birth plan puzzle that had been missing. You were the perfect puzzle piece. You were so easy to deal with at such an intense time.”


Nikky, you were the perfect addition to my post pregnancy healing.

“Thank you for your easy going and trustworthy nature. Thank you for getting me set up with your service, it was easy and I loved knowing you were “on call” for me and ready to pick up regardless of when my delivery would be.”


Have your precious placenta properly encapsulated…

As a Mum who went through this 3 times with different practitioners, I highly recommend Nikky as someone who you can DEFINITELY trust to have your precious placenta properly encapsulated.

– Julia S

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