yes it is safe to eat your placenta

Yes, it’s safe to eat your placenta, despite recent articles published by some individuals in the medical community. Here I present studies that discredit the paper published by Dr. Farr and that show that placenta encapsulation, when done properly, is safe and has benefit to new mothers. As a certified placenta encapsulation specialist, I’m happy about… Read more

Placenta tincture is a great way to make the most of your placenta.Tinctures are remedies which are made by extracting the healing compounds of herbs or animal products with ethanol alcohol, vinegar or glycerin. By taking a small piece of the raw placenta and soaking it in high grade alcohol for 6 weeks, I can… Read more

Raw and TCM Placenta Encapsulation methods

Deciding on a placenta preparation method for your placenta encapsulation can be tough. Here’s some information that will make your choice more informed, if not easier! The main concept to grasp about placenta encapsulation methods is one of foods having properties like hot or cold, dry or damp. Take a cucumber for example, it’s a… Read more

placenta encapsulation and postpartum depression

During pregnancy, the placenta is a hormone-producing powerhouse. Hormones are produced in various different organs and glands in your body and during pregnancy, by the placenta too. Hormones are chemicals that regulate all sorts of different things in your body, like sleep, stress, digestion, lactation, moods and much much more. Hormone Changes Postpartum During a… Read more

Placenta Encapsulation Breastfeeding

The hormones in placentas have been shown to increase milk production, and decrease size and tenderness in the breasts of new moms. If you’re worried about milk production at all, eating your placenta in the form of placenta encapsulation pills or a smoothie soon after delivery can help with your milk coming in. Researchers at… Read more

anemia postpartum depression

How can eating your placenta help you to avoid postpartum depression? Well, there are strong co-relations between iron deficiency, fatigue and postpartum depression. Placentas are rich in iron, and rich in hormones that regulate sleep and mood. Iron Levels in Pregnancy and Birth During pregnancy the body requires 1000 mg of total body iron. This… Read more

favourite placenta encapsulation articles

There is a lot of information about women eating their placentas. Here are a few of my favourite articles about placenta encapsulation. A thorough placenta encapsulation article written by a real journalist that features information about Jodi Selander the founder of PBi and her amazing work to have womens placentas released to them by… Read more

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