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Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you! It is an amazing organ created to nourish baby in the womb and then the mother postpartum. More and more families are choosing to take advantage of the healing properties of their baby’s placenta in the days and weeks following birth, minimizing recovery time and replenishing many of the vital nutrients that pregnancy and labour require.

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Choose the right placenta package for your needs…

Full Service Placenta Package

I do all the driving within Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam.
COST: $260
✓ includes pick up from hospital or your home
✓ full placenta capsule preparation service
✓ drop off at hospital or your home
✓ umbilical cord keepsake

Basic Placenta Package

You arrange for placenta pickup and delivery to and from my home near E. 4th & Nanaimo in Vancouver.
COST: $190
✓ a friend or family member does all the driving
✓ includes full placenta capsule preparation service
✓ umbilical cord keepsake

Placenta salve, tincture, and smoothies are extra – see below. I accept payments in cash, cheque, Interac e-transfers and PayPal. A $50 deposit is required to secure your spot in my calendar, the rest of the payment is due when the capsules are delivered or picked up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is my top priority….

I take my time with your placenta and follow WorkSafe/OHSR and OSHA standards so that I keep your family and mine safe. As part of my PBi training I have completed a blood born pathogens training and I also hold a current FoodSafe certificate. I am certified in the TCM method of preparation and also have years of experience with the raw method.

vancouver placenta encapsulation service
Vancouver placenta capsules
vancouver placenta encapsulation service

Accommodating, thoughtful, efficient and professional…

“Nikky really came through for me and my partner on super short notice. We literally contacted her on the day of the birth of our son. She was extremely accommodating, thoughtful, efficient and professional. Excellent work ethics. We would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.”

Carman C

She is kind, generous, and produced a first rate product with a surprisingly short turn around.

“Nikky was amazing as a professional placenta encapsulator for our 3rd child. I wish I had found her for our first and second! She is kind, generous, and produced a first rate product with a surprisingly short turn around. She took my concerns seriously and gave me excellent advice and care throughout. As a Mum who went through this 3 times with different practitioners, I highly recommend Nikky as someone who you would DEFINITELY trust to have your precious placenta properly encapsulated.”

Julia S

Great value and a great experience…

“My wife chose Nikky as our encapsulation specialist and I’m glad she did. I had a great experience with Nikky and the placenta encapsulation services she provided. Nikky had gone over with me what to do and expect on that day at the hospital. She prepared me well with where she would arrive and how I would get the placenta to her. With her help, it is easy. I can’t say enough about her professionalism. Great value and a great experience. I would recommend Nikky and her services for those who are looking for encapsulation services. Thank you, Nikky!”

J Saudners-Wilmott

The placenta capsules gave me added energy…

“Nikky was extremely professional throughout all my interactions with her. She was able to complete the placenta pills in less than a day, which allowed me to start taking them when I most needed them. The placenta capsules gave me added energy (badly needed with a baby and preschooler to care for!), and I felt great in the weeks following the birth of my son. I would highly recommend her service to anyone interested in trying placenta capsules.”

Karen E

I loved working with Nikky!

“I found her to be very helpful, knowledgeable and kind. The turn around for my placenta capsules was super fast and she even brought it to the hospital!”

Sara C

Nikky seems to truly care for her clients’ health and well-being.

“Nikky seems to truly care for her clients’ health and well-being. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a PBi Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist!”

Shelly G

Fantastic placenta encapsulation service…

“Nikky provides a fantastic placenta encapsulation service. She was prompt and responsive to all questions I had regarding her services. Nikky went above and beyond to get my capsules to me in a very timely manner (less than 24 hours from drop off) and even included a special umbilical cord keepsake for us!”

Hina M

I would recommend you and your service for certain.

“Thank you for your discreet pick up and drop off. …and the medicine itself…amazing really. I know I grew it but thank you for processing it in a way that I could give back to myself.  I know, because of this medicine, I was able to heal my hormones and mind more quickly than I thought possible. “


Thank you for helping me heal sooner using my own power. 

“I took all my capsules just as you had suggested and I truly believe I healed faster and easier because of you. My hormones settled just that needed bit sooner. Thank you. What a blessing natural mother medicine is”.


Did you know there are 2 different methods to choose from when making placenta pills?

Traditional Chinese Medicine Placenta Preparation
✓ Requires that your placenta be heated over warming herbs to increase qi and promote the heating, tonifying quality that it brings to the body.
✓ Best for: moms who understand TCM or regularly use acupuncture
✓ Contraindicated when: moms have multiple signs of access heat in their body

Raw Placenta Preparation
✓ Requires that your placenta remain raw prior to dehydrating and no hormones or nutrients are lost.
✓ Best for: moms who want the full strength of their placenta or moms on a raw food diet
✓ Contraindicated when: moms have a history of depression or anxiety, or have signs of too much cold and damp in their bodies

>>Read more about your options for placenta encapsulation methods.

Make the most of your placenta with one of these add ons. Choose any two and save 20% on both!

A beautiful way to honour birth and the role of the placenta is with artistic placenta prints. These are made on acid free paper with fresh placenta blood and are a wonderful reminder of the unique shape, size and contours of your placenta. Some clients use their prints as a background for a more detailed painting, while others frame them and hang them on the wall, or keep them as a keepsake.

PLACENTA TINCTURE: $40 for 100ml ready 6 weeks postpartum.
Placenta Tincture is made by reserving a small piece of the raw placenta before it is dehydrated and soaking it in food grade alcohol for 6 weeks. The result is a powerful medicine that is taken by putting drops of it on your tongue. It will store indefinitely and can be kept for use during menopause to help with hot flashes, mood swings and heart palpitations. It comes in a blue glass jar with dropper and will be ready for pick up from my house after 6 weeks. Delivery is available for an extra charge.

PLACENTA SALVE: $40 for 50g ready at the same time as the capsules.
I make my salve using organic olive oil, organic locally sourced beeswax and your dried placenta.. The resulting salve is creamy, smooth and bursting with healing properties. It’s great for diaper rash, eczema and other minor skin irritations.

PLACENTA SMOOTHIE: $45 if done in hospital while you wait. $25 if done in my home at the same time as the encapsulation.
I’ll prepare a smoothie for you using organic fruits of your choice and a small piece of raw placenta.

PLACENTA BROTH: free of charge
Placenta broth or 'Mothers Broth' is the liquid that your placenta was steamed over. Infused with ginger and myrrh it contains any of the nutrients that came out of the placenta during the steaming process. Placenta broth can be mixed in with soups or stews or even fruit juices or smoothies. Many clients attest to the burst of energy they experience after drinking this powerful liquid.

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