Placenta Encapsulation Breastfeeding

Placenta Encapsulation and Breastfeeding

The hormones in placentas have been shown to increase milk production, and decrease size and tenderness in the breasts of new moms. If you’re worried about milk production at all, eating your placenta in the form of placenta encapsulation pills or a smoothie soon after delivery can help with your milk coming in.

Researchers at the UC Davis Medical Center surveyed 418 first-time mothers about breastfeeding, starting while they were pregnant and continuing until the baby was two months old. Almost all of the women said they intended to breastfeed. Three days after giving birth, 40% of women said they were did not have enough milk and were having troubles breastfeeding because of it. None of the women studied were practicing placentophagy. So, we know that without eating your placenta, there’s a chance that you might have milk production problems.

Placenta Pills and Breastmilk Production

In the most widely accepted study on the impact of placentophagy on breast milk production, out of 210 women studied, 86.2% of women studied showed either good (55.5%), or very good (30.5%), results from ingesting placenta! Good results were those that showed a 20g increase in milk per feed and very good results showed a 30g increase in milk per feed.

There is some indication that the nutrients in your placenta are passed along into your milk as well. One study showed that women who ate their placentas produced milk higher in fats and proteins than those who didn’t. While more studies on this topic would be great, with the information we do have, we can deduce that when you eat your placenta, you increase your chances of being able to successfully breast feed your baby.


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