favourite placenta encapsulation articles

My Favourite Placenta Encapsulation Articles

There is a lot of information about women eating their placentas. Here are a few of my favourite articles about placenta encapsulation.

A thorough placenta encapsulation article written by a real journalist that features information about Jodi Selander the founder of PBi and her amazing work to have womens placentas released to them by the hospitals. We are so lucky in Canada that this is (not yet) and issue. In many states in America there are laws prohibiting women from taking their placentas home with them from the hospital.

I love this placenta encapsulation article because of the authors description of how emotional it was for her seeing and handling her placenta. She decided to cook her own placenta into tacos and she writes beautifully about the flood of emotion that engulfed her when she started working with her thawed placenta.

She reports that she had been struggling with postpartum depression for 18 months, and finally decided to de-frrost her placenta and cook it up. I feel sad about this, as I do any story when a mom is struggling with postpartum depression. Having experienced it myself I know how hard it can be on the whole family, and to think the author had her placenta in her freezer just sitting there the whole time!

This is a great article from a mom who wasn’t fully convinced of the benefits of placentophagy, but decided to give it a go because even if any positive effects were just from the placebo affect, thats still better than nothing! 

Her experience mirrors mine in that she was diagnosed with anemia after her second birth and was given a prescription for iron supplements, but after eating her placenta, her iron levels were back to normal (or in my case, above normal) and the prescription was never needed. A testament that placentas are 33% iron by weight- and it’s much more bio-available than any supplement you can get.

I love this article because of how the author talks the reader through her decision to have her placenta encapsulated. She reflects what so many women think and wonder about in such a honest, candid way. I love reading her though process as she mulled the decision over.

Of course in the end, she decides to have her placenta encapsulated and says she could feel the difference in her energy and mood on the days she forgot to take them.

Another great article written by a mom who ate her placenta. This one is great because in it, her encapsulator calls her to tell her “I don’t know what kind of diet you were on while pregnant, but that is the healthiest placenta that I have ever worked with.”
I love this because I too have noticed that some placentas just seem to ‘feel’ healthier and more vibrant that others. It would be great to see a study done following pregnant women and their diets and then comparing their placentas. It would be tough to do though because the qualities that make me thing some placentas are healthier than others would be very hard to measure or quantify. It’s energetic. Still, it’s nice to read about other encapsulation specialists having similar thoughts and experiences to mine.

About the author: Hi! I’m Nikky, a certified placenta encapsulation specialist working in Vancouver BC, clean eating enthusiast and mom to two amazing little girls.

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